• Create a new business
  • Develop a social economy project within an NPO
  • Consolidate or develop an existing business
  • Develop a network and local partners

Services: information, advisory services, support , Financing
Activities: training, conferences, contests …

Social economy enterprises are booming, in Montreal as elsewhere. While offering us a variety of goods and services, they respond to this increasingly shared desire to make the economy a driver of development that benefits the community. To put money at the service of people rather than people in the service of money.


What distinguishes social economy enterprises is:

their purpose is to serve members or the community rather than just financial profit;
the integration of a democratic decision-making process involving customers and workers;
the primacy of people and labor over capital in the distribution of income and surplus.
Social economy enterprises operate in various fields. Several of them also have a socio-professional integration mission.